Brewers News: Home Opener Postponed Again After More Cardinals Covid-Positive

Once again, we must wait a little longer for the Brewers 2020 home opener at Miller Park.

It just won’t happen this weekend. The St. Louis Cardinals had two players test positive for Covid-19 the other day, which postponed Friday’s game against the Brewers.

Then MLB kept Saturday’s game scheduled with a doubleheader on Sunday. Now that plan is likely not going to come to fruition.

Multiple reports have confirmed that somewhere between four and six more Cardinals players and staff have tested positive for the virus.

Only a few minutes later, Ken Rosenthal and others confirmed that Saturday’s game had been postponed.

What Does All This Mean?

First of all, none of these games are going to get played this weekend. There is not going to be a doubleheader tomorrow either, even though that hasn’t been formalized yet, but there’s no way they can allow a game to happen tomorrow.

Second of all, this season is in danger. MLB has threatened that they will have to shut down the season if the teams and players can’t stop this spread. Continuing to stop playing series for teams at points throughout the season throws the schedule out of whack and every team is going to end up with a different number of games played at this point, which makes it hard to judge who should be a postseason team.

Luckily, the league was able to catch the Cardinals positive cases before they ever stepped foot in Miller Park and they haven’t been able to get in there all weekend, which means the Brewers should still be healthy and good to go on Monday. There have been no new positive cases in the Brewers organization to this point.

However, these cases did just come after they played a series in Minnesota against the Twins, and it’ll be very important to monitor if any positive cases come from that team over the next few days.

The Marlins almost took down the entire East Division schedule and the Cardinals positive tests are threatening to do the same. I’m not sure how many more team outbreaks this 2020 MLB season will be able to push through.

Wherever these cases originally came from, MLB needs to get a grip on this. They need tougher protocols and strict adherence to them. While I’d like to see the Brewers home opener sooner rather than later, it’s not worth the risk of playing the Cardinals right now.

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The Cardinals are currently staying at the team hotel in Milwaukee, but pretty soon they’ll have to be on their way back to St. Louis and the rooms will have to be fumigated most likely.