Brewers: Plenty of Team Alumni Remain In 2020 MLB Division Series

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The Milwaukee Brewers suffered a quick exit in this year’s playoffs. So if you still want to root for some Brewers, why not cheer for some former ones?

The MLB Division Series began earlier today, with eight of the best teams in baseball fighting for a chance to hoist the World Series trophy. Milwaukee Brewers fans, of course, are not one of the lucky fanbases to be represented by those eight teams.

The Brewers, despite all their shortcomings, were able to back their way into 2020’s expanded playoff field, matching up against the top-seeded Los Angeles Dodgers. The matchup was just as one-sided as expected as the Dodgers swept the Brewers out of the Wild Card round in two games.

So if you are a Milwaukee fan who still wants to watch baseball, what direction do you go from here? You certainly can’t root for another team from the Central division, either in the AL or NL, since all six were knocked out in the Wild Card round as well. So pick a team at random? One that’s the most fun to watch? Just generally hope for good baseball?

It would be completely understandable to go with any of those solid options. But if you’re the type of person who needs to root for a specific team and needs a good reason to do so, might I suggest this alternate option?

Why not cheer for some of your favorite former Brewers? It’s the next closest thing to getting to pull for the Crew itself, plus you already know everything about them from the time they spent in a Brewer uniform anyway, right?

The MLB Division Series features plenty of teams with players who represented the great city of Milwaukee over the past several years. Some of their service time with the Brewers even dates back as far as 2010!

Whether you decide to just cheer for a certain former Brewer or two or temporarily adopt a team, there are plenty of options out there for you. Let’s take a little trip down Brewers Memory Lane and see which former members are still out there competing in this year’s playoffs.