Brewers: 3 Prospects That Are Untouchable In Trade Talks This Offseason

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If the Brewers want to make trades to improve their big league roster, they might have to dip into their farm system. These players should be off-limits.

No one is untouchable for the right price. That’s essentially been the philosophy of Brewers President of Baseball Operations David Stearns since he’s arrived in Milwaukee.

However, for certain players, that “right price” is ridiculously high on purpose. The Brewers would have an astronomically high price on key players to ensure that even if anyone was interested in acquiring them, they either wouldn’t be able to pay it or the Brewers would get way more in return value than the player was worth. In today’s age, those kinds of overpays rarely happen.

Those kinds of prices in effect make a player untouchable. No other front office would be willing to pay the price necessary to pry them away from the Brewers.

So which Brewers prospects fit that bill this winter? If the Brewers are going to make trades to improve their big league team, odds are they’re going to have to dive into their farm system. But there are some players that aren’t going anywhere.

Untouchable No. 1

OF Garrett Mitchell

The Brewers first round pick in 2020? Yeah, he’s untouchable.

MLB Pipeline had Garrett Mitchell ranked as the No. 6 prospect in the draft. The Brewers were able to select him with the 20th overall pick.

Mitchell is the Crew’s only current Top 100 prospect, he has the best group of tools in this farm system, and is likely to fast-track through the minor leagues. He could be up in the big leagues at some point in 2022 if all goes well.

If he stays on that track, he’s in line to take over the starting center field job right as Lorenzo Cain‘s contract expires, which would make for a smooth transition in the outfield to keep a strong offensive and defensive presence at that position.

The Brewers have a great relationship with Mitchell, having once had him on their Area Code team back when he was in high school. Mitchell also has Type 1 Diabetes, which is partly why he fell down to No. 20 in the Draft, and that’s something the Brewers are comfortable working with while other teams don’t appear to be.

While Mitchell has the highest value of any current prospect in the farm system, his value is due to get even higher once he starts playing in some real minor league games. Trading him now would really make no sense from the Brewers perspective.

Mitchell is the crown jewel of this farm system right now. He’s not going anywhere.