Brewers: 3 Prospects Who Could Be Moved At The 2021 Trade Deadline

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With the Milwaukee Brewers contending for not only a division title, but a World Series this season, they’re going to be buyers at the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline.

As buyers, they’re going to end up trading some prospects from their farm system to improve the big league club. But the question is, which prospects could they deal?

We’ve already covered the prospects that should be considered ‘untouchable’ by the Brewers. Now it’s time to look at some that could get moved in the next week.

Here are 3 Milwaukee Brewers prospects who could be on the move in trades at the 2021 Trade Deadline.

1. OF Corey Ray

This just hasn’t been working out. The Milwaukee Brewers drafted Corey Ray back in 2016 with the 5th overall pick. He was eyed to be a quick riser through the minor leagues and the first piece to come up in the rebuild and a future franchise cornerstone.

Instead, Ray has battled injuries and lack of production when healthy, with a major penchant for strikeouts.

He made his MLB debut earlier in 2021, with no more than a two game stint with Milwaukee, earning just three plate appearances, going 0-2 with a walk and a strikeout. Since going back down to Triple-A, Ray got hurt again.

Now 26, Ray has some prospect fatigue and it’s clear that he won’t be the player the Brewers envisioned when they drafted him so highly five years ago. Whether it’s an organizational issue or an issue with Ray that he hasn’t been able to play to the level of expectations, it’s clear that a change is needed.

Ray isn’t a centerpiece in any type of trade deal, and is more likely filler for a prospect package to bring someone into the fold in Milwaukee.

The outfield is deep already, and Tyrone Taylor has more than earned a big league spot over Ray. Look for Ray to potentially be on the move.

2. IF/OF Korry Howell

One of the biggest boosters of his prospect stock this year, Korry Howell has raked his way onto prospect lists in 2021, hitting .262/.363/.510 with 11 home runs for the High-A Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

His versatility in both the infield and outfield is quite valuable, but the Brewers also don’t look to have many openings at any of his positions coming available anytime soon.

After struggling his first few seasons, Howell is finally showing the promise that got him a $210k signing bonus in the 12th round in 2018. Other teams have surely taken notice, and they will likely be asking about him in trade talks.

With his value skyrocketing, perhaps it makes the most sense for Stearns and the Brewers to sell high and acquire a talent at the big league level to help out in 2021.

3. SS Brice Turang

If the Brewers are going to make a “blockbuster” deal or anything that is required to involve one of their top shelf prospects, Turang is the most likely to go. The 2018 first round pick out of high school is having an excellent season in Double-A Biloxi, hitting .276 with 13 doubles, three triples, four home runs and 10 stolen bases.

Turang is also striking out only 17% of the time, a sight rarely seen in players today. He makes contact and hits for a good average, and projects to be a solid everyday shortstop in the big leagues.

If Milwaukee wants to make a splash, Turang is the easiest top prospect to part with. Willy Adames and Luis Urias are both under team control for several more seasons and the big league shortstop position is well taken care of with them, especially Adames. That makes Turang more expendable, since his position is taken care of for the foreseeable future.

This doesn’t mean it’s particularly expected that the Brewers will give up Turang or that they have to trade him right now. If David Stearns decides to go all in on a big acquisition that will make waves throughout the league, Turang is the one from the top tier of this farm system who makes sense to deal.

Garrett Mitchell is expected to be the centerfielder of the future, Mario Feliciano is the likely catcher of the future, while Ethan Small and Aaron Ashby are too valuable as depth pieces down this stretch run for Milwaukee.

If Stearns doesn’t want to make a deal like that, he’ll hold on to Turang. But there is a chance that Turang is on the move within the next week.

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If the Brewers make a couple of trades, then more players than just from this list could be on the move. It all depends on who the Brewers are getting and what the other teams wants or needs.