Brewers: The 5 Dumbest Injuries in Brewers Franchise History

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 24: Starting pitcher Zack Greinke
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 24: Starting pitcher Zack Greinke /
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2012: Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Francisco Rodriguez throws during the eighth inning of their game against the San Diego Padres at Miller Park in Milwaukee. After a dozen years, this uniform style was still holding up well.2012 Mjs Brewers04 17 Of Hoffman Jpg Brewers04 /

5. Scooter Gennett, 2015

On April 20th, 2015, Scooter Gennett went on the injured list thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Well not the team, but their visiting team showers. Gennett said when he reached for his body wash, he caught his finger on the back of the dispenser and said “blood was everywhere”. He would miss the next two weeks and spend a month in the minors before returning to the team. It’s very clear the soap was booby-trapped.

4. Zack Greinke, 2011

Everyone was excited about Greinke coming to Milwaukee. He came from the Kansas City Royals, who ended up even more excited a few years later. In return they received Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Jeremy Jeffress and Jake Odorizzi. At least none of them became great players or anything. Just kidding, they all did and the Royals won a World Series.

After arriving to the Brewers, Zack decided to play in a pick-up game of basketball in February and ended up fracturing a rib. It doesn’t seem match his personality at all, but I am sure he dominates at most things he does. He made his Brewers debut a month into the season on May 4th as part a of a double-header. He would end the season with a 16-6 record, 3.83 ERA and 201 strikeouts. For being with the team only a season and a half, Greinke is still well-loved by Brewers fans.

3. Francisco Rodriguez, 2014

It seems that most of the Brewers’ weird injuries come during Spring Training. While in Arizona in 2014, K-Rod stepped on a cactus in his temporary backyard. They call it the Cactus League for a reason. It appears walking barefoot down there is a lot more dangerous than in Milwaukee. It delayed his start to spring training even further after being signed right before March.

Manager Ron Roenicke said that he had spines stuck in his foot for several days, and had trainers help remove them quite a few times. Not sure what is worse, that or in 2013 when former general manager Doug Melvin was stunk by a scorpion in Arizona.