Brewers: Christian Yelich Tweets What We’re All Thinking About MLB Lockout

Professional athletes, they’re just like us. Brewers superstar outfielder Christian Yelich has seemingly always been able to resonate with fans and know exactly what they’re thinking.

That has never rang more true than today.

MLB has locked out the players since the beginning of December, bringing the whole offseason to a complete stop. There have been no transactions, no rumors, and no movement of any kind in baseball for over a month. Both the league and the players’ union haven’t talked to each other much over the past few weeks either.

With such little progress, there’s been concern over whether or not the 2022 season will start on time. Many fans, pundits, and players are growing frustrated over the slow pace.

But, reports indicate that the two sides will meet this week and the league will make an offer to the players’ union.

Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich tweeted what we’re all thinking regarding the MLB lockout.

With ESPN’s Jeff Passan reporting these talks that are going to happen, Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich quote-tweeted Passan’s report with this GIF…

Yelich tweeted a GIF of a frustrated man yelling “Figure It Out” at the top of his lungs. He couldn’t have put it more succinctly.

Those sentiments are echoed by baseball fans everywhere. Just figure this out. Take all night if you have to, but have both sides be locked in a room and don’t let them out until they reach a deal, end this lockout, and bring baseball back to us. The silent treatment isn’t helping anyone, a lockout isn’t helping anyone, and both sides need a deal to be done or both sides end up losing money.

The league and the players are extremely dug in on their respective sides and there hasn’t been much attitude for compromise in this round of negotiations yet.

Yelich is a member of the players’ union and has a bit more of a bias towards one side in these negotiations, but he still feels the same way everyone else does. He wants them to figure it out.

There are many contentious issues in CBA talks, including arbitration, service time, the universal DH, expanded playoffs, free agency, and much more. While there are some specific changes each side wants to make and specific changes the fans want to make, for the most part everyone just wants them to figure it out and make a deal.

Yelich said what everyone else was thinking in his tweet. We’re tired of this lockout, and it’s time for both sides to just figure it out.