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50 Funny, Creative Brewers Related Fantasy Baseball Team Names For 2022

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 22: A picture of the Milwaukee Brewers hat during the game against the St. Louis Cardinals at American Family Field on September 22, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cardinals defeated the Brewers 10-2. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 22: A picture of the Milwaukee Brewers hat during the game against the St. Louis Cardinals at American Family Field on September 22, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cardinals defeated the Brewers 10-2. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

It’s always a challenge to come up with the perfect name for your team in your fantasy baseball league. You want something more creative and fun than just “Team (Your Last Name)” and you want something involving your favorite team, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Fantasy team names can be anything. Puns, play on words, baseball lingo, jargon, etc. all make for excellent names that are sure to make your league-mates laugh and make the season a lot more fun. But what should that team name be?

Have no fear! We have the solution. Below, we have 50 fun and creative ideas for your fantasy baseball team name, all involving your favorite Brewers players and coaches.

Let’s start with none other than the reigning NL Cy Young winner and then roll into the rest.

Best Brewers Fantasy Baseball Names Of 2022

1.Feel the Burnes

2. Third Degree Burnes

3. Crash and Burnes

4. Burnes Notice

What a great show Burn Notice was. Loved watching it.

5. Hitters Get Freezer Burnes

Burnes freezes so many hitters, it only makes sense to call them freezer Burnes.

6. Burnes’ing the Midnight Oil

You can never go wrong naming your team after a Cy Young award winner, or drafting a Cy Young winner like Burnes in your draft this year either. This article isn’t about giving advice on who to draft, but really drafting Burnes just makes sense.

7. Rebel Yelich

You can jam out to Rebel Yell by Billy Idol while going through your fantasy draft to fill out your Rebel Yelich roster.

8. Young Men’s Christian Yelich Association

It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-Y-A…

9. Born Again Christian Yelich

Let’s hope Christian‘s offense is born again in 2022.

10. Raising Cain’s

11. Sugar Cain

12. Candy Cain Lane

It sounds like a delicious place, full of home run robberies.

13. Hader’s Gonna Hate

14. 10 Things I Hader About You

15. Fighting On-Base Jace’s 

16. Jace of Diamonds

17. Jace in the Hole

You can have an ace in the hole and you can literally have Jace Peterson in the hole if he’s due up 3rd.

18. Free Willy Adames

19. The Adames Family

20. Willy Adames & The Chocolate Factory

The lineup is just Willy Adames and a bunch of oompa-loompas.

21. Not So Little Willy

This Little Willy wants to go home, to home plate that is. Plus Willy Adames is big and strong, so he’s not that little.

22. Willy Nilly

23. Adrian Bought My Houser

24. The Houser-ing Market

You could also make it a Booming Houser-ing Market, or a Sinking Houser-ing Market, which would be even better because Adrian Houser‘s best pitch is his sinker. Boom!

25. Eric Lauer Power Hour

26. Wood-Ruff & Rowdy

The already rough and rowdy combination of Brandon Woodruff and Rowdy Tellez. Can’t go wrong.

27. Tellez It Like It Is

28. Right and Wong

29. Kolten Wong Number

It always hurts when you call the wrong number, especially when it was the number they gave you…

30. The Wong Side of the Bed

We all know a few people who wake up like this.

31. Wong but feels so right

32. Luke Barker Up The Wong Tree

33. You Can’t Jandel The Truth

We live in a world with walls and those walls are guarded by men like Lorenzo Cain, who makes incredible catches at them every day.

34. Super Mario Feliciano Bros.

35. Volcanic Ash-by

36. Ashby’s Aaron It Out

37. Ducks in a Renfroe

38. Jake Cousins’ Cousins

It’s amazing that Jake Cousins‘ cousin is Kirk Cousins has a cousin named Jake Cousins and they’re both professional athletes that throw a ball for a living.

39. Can You Hiura Me Now?

Is Keston Hiura out of his slump? How about now? Now? What about now?

40. Perdomo Is My Angel

41. Baby Gott Back

Can never go wrong with a Sir Mix-A-Lot reference in your fantasy team name. The Brewers signing Trevor Gott provides the perfect one.

42. You Can Hiura Bat Drop

It’s like you can hear a pin drop, but Hiura carries a bat. Hopefully he has more bat drops as cool home run celebrations this year.

43. Ozzie Timmons’ Crazy Train

44. Connor Dawson’s Creek

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen one second of Dawson’s Creek. But if you have, this may be the perfect fantasy team name for you.

45. Murph and the Magic Tones

Any Blues Brothers reference is going to earn you brownie points among your league members. It won’t earn you actual fantasy baseball points to win any matchup, but a team name with Brewers bench coach Pat Murphy and the Blues Brothers is a winning combination.

46. Captain Chris Hook’s Hook

Another name for a curveball is a hook, and Chris Hook is the captain of the Brewers pitching staff. Now if he could just deal with that pesky crocodile…

47. Chris Hook and Ladder

48. Legal Counsell

49. Defense Counsell

50. General Counsell

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Best of luck with your fantasy baseball team this season. If you choose one of these team names, you’ll be off to a great start.