Have The Brewers City Connect Uniforms For 2022 Leaked Early?

Earlier this year, it was announced the Milwaukee Brewers would have City Connect uniforms for 2022, a jersey series by MLB that includes alternate designs that connect even better with a team’s hometown.

The City Connect series started last year with a few teams and the Brewers are among the group to get theirs this season. They are scheduled to debut them on the field on June 24th against the Cardinals. The reveal of the jerseys is still supposed to be a couple of weeks away.

However, since it was announced Milwaukee would be getting these new specialty jerseys, fans have been anticipating the release of the design and trying to find out what the uniforms will look like. We now have an idea.

It looks like we’ve gotten an early leak of what the Milwaukee Brewers 2022 City Connect jersey design will look like.

These hats are out early at a local hat shop, and based on the sticker underneath saying “Brewers City Connect” it seems like these are the hats that the Brewers will wear. However, the hat in the picture was not made by New Era, MLB’s official hat partner. Still, the price sticker is hard to deny.

They’ve incorporated Milwaukee’s 414 area code into the MKE letters. It seems a little jumbled together but the yellow striping outlines the MKE with the 414 in the background. Few cities feel a stronger connection to their area code number than Milwaukee. The home opener this year fell on 4/14, April 14th, and the Brewers intentionally had the game start at 4:14 PM. They sold tickets for $4.14 up in the terrace.

Underneath the brim, it says Brew Crew, which is the nickname for the team that is used quite often, in a old style script lettering. It wouldn’t surprise me if on the actual jerseys it said ‘Brew Crew’ across the chest as well in that same style of lettering.

Perhaps the most important piece of this leak is the color scheme, which appears to be powder blue. Fans have been begging for a powder blue look like what the team had back in the 1980s but with the new jerseys the Brewers revealed a few years ago, they opted not to go with that color.

However, bringing the powder blue out for the City Connect jerseys would be an excellent way to do it and satisfy the fans.

Reaction on Twitter seems to be mixed about the hats, but we’ve yet to see the full uniform look. That will be coming, but there’s already a leak as to what the hats will look like as well as the logo design and color scheme.

If this leak is real, and it looks like it is, then we’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect on June 24th when they roll out the jerseys in a game for the first time.