Remembering Lorenzo Cain’s Top 5 Moments In A Brewers Uniform

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Lorenzo Cain has held a special place in the hearts of Brewers fans ever since he made his MLB debut with the Crew back in 2010. He was traded that winter to the Royals, won a World Series with them, and then signed back with the Crew in 2018.

Throughout the last 4.5 seasons that Cain has been a Brewer, he’s provided fans with a number of incredible moments.

As Cain’s Brewers career ends, let’s look back on some of Cain’s best moments in a Milwaukee uniform.

Best Lorenzo Cain Moment #5: Cain Saves The No-No

On September 11th, 2021, Corbin Burnes got the start for the Brewers against the Cleveland Indians. He ended up throwing eight no-hit innings with Josh Hader to finish off the 9th for only the second no-hitter in Brewers franchise history.

As much credit goes to Burnes, Hader, and catcher Omar Narvaez for their work that day to achieve that no-hitter, credit also needs to be given to Lorenzo Cain.

It seems nearly every no hitter has at least one spectacular defensive play to keep the no-no alive. Is anyone surprised that Lorenzo Cain provided that highlight reel play?

On a ball that was tailing away from him into the gap, and with Burnes nearing the end of his outing, Lorenzo Cain comes flying in to make the catch and roll into a somersault and save the no-no.

That ended up being the last pitch Burnes threw in that game and the closest Cleveland got to a base hit all game.

Completing a no-hitter was the cherry on top for the Brewers pitching staff in 2021. They had been having a dominant season all the way around, especially Burnes. Getting that no-hitter only continued to aid his winning bid for the NL Cy Young award. If that no-hitter wasn’t on his resume, would he have still come out on top in the very close balloting?

Just like everyone remembers Robin Yount’s diving catch to save Juan Nieves’ no-hitter in 1987, everyone will remember Lorenzo Cain’s diving catch to save this no-hitter for Burnes.

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