1 player moving up the Brewers depth chart and 2 moving down

Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Jesse Winker (33) throws his bat
Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Jesse Winker (33) throws his bat / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY
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Brewers depth chart: Jesse Winker is moving down.

The Milwaukee Brewers had high hopes when they pulled off a trade with the Seattle Mariners this past offseason. Brewers GM Matt Arnold shipped second baseman Kolten Wong to the Pacific Northwest which, in turn, opened the door for rookie infielder Brice Turang.

It also brought former Cincinnati Reds slugger Jesse Winker to Milwaukee. Winker was dealt to the M's last spring in exchange for a prospect package as the Reds attempt to rebuild their roster from the inside. But Winker didn't really jive with the clubhouse in Sea-Town.

Winker was made available after the season, and the Brewers took the opportunity to see if the former All-Star could turn things around upon his return to the National League Central Division. To this point, he has not, and that's why Winker is tumbling down the depth chart.

Over the past two weeks, Jesse Winker has the worst batting average among all Brewers hitters. Winker is hitting just .125, but perhaps even worse than that, the outfielder has an on-base percentage of just .222 with seven strikeouts and only one walk in his last 24 at-bats.

A bout with bronchitis and a recent flair-up with an oblique injury haven't helped Jesse Winker's case. While Brewers fans still hold out hope that he can turn things around, Winker's recent track record doesn't help the idea that he might not be a good fit in Milwaukee either. At the moment, Winker is losing ground on the depth chart.