2 Brewers players who deserve more playing time, 1 who deserves less

Some playing time adjustments may be necessary for the Brewers
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Playing time on a young Milwaukee Brewers squad in 2024 is up for grabs and can change quite often. A large portion of this roster is getting their first extended big league action or first big league action in general, but there's only so many at-bats to go around.

Now that the season is far enough along, the Brewers have big enough sample sizes in order to make some decisions on what to expect a player to contribute and what role they should be in. For some, that means a little more playing time is deserved, for some, perhaps a little less.

Here are a pair of Brewers who should be getting more playing time, and one who should be getting less.

Brewer who deserves more playing time: 3B Joey Ortiz

Joey Ortiz has become the centerpiece of the return in the Corbin Burnes trade in the wake of DL Hall's injury. He's been a stellar defender at third base with quick hands and excellent range, and his bat has been promising as well.

Entering play on Saturday, Ortiz is hitting .256/.366/.474 with nine extra-base hits and an .840 OPS. That's some all around good production for Ortiz, who's getting his first extended look in the big leagues. Manager Pat Murphy has called him a starting caliber player. Based on his production, he should be the everyday starter.

However, over the course of the last few weeks, Ortiz has seemingly been splitting playing time at third more and more with Oliver Dunn. If Ortiz is viewed as a starting infielder, he should be playing just about every single day. Ortiz has 23 starts in the Brewers 39 games so far this year.

Based on his offensive and defensive production, Joey Ortiz has earned more playing time.

However, if Ortiz is deserving of more playing time, that means someone else is going to have to get less...