2 Brewers players who deserve more playing time, 1 who deserves less

Some playing time adjustments may be necessary for the Brewers
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Brewer who deserves more playing time: OF Jackson Chourio

While Jackson Chourio's placement on this list may seem peculiar, his playing time has diminished of late. He started off strong, but has come back down to earth. On the year, Chourio's hitting .221/.264/.345 with four homers, a .609 OPS, and a 28.7% strikeout rate.

On the surface, those numbers don't exactly scream "more playing time" but that doesn't mean Chourio shouldn't be out there every single day. Chourio hasn't been in the starting lineup since Tuesday in Kansas City and he was actually hitting the ball well of late. In his seven games and four starts in May, Chourio is hitting .313 (5-for-16) with just one strikeout.

Recently, The Athletic wrote a deep dive on top hitting prospects struggling to make the jump from Triple-A to the Majors this year and how the gap is bigger than normal. Chourio is a consensus top two prospect in baseball and made that jump on Opening Day. All of these prospects have struggled across the board and Chourio, with his .609 OPS is one of the best performing hitters of the group actually.

While that may not say a lot about the group, the point is for his age and experience, Chourio is actually doing pretty well all things considered. But still we've seen Chourio sitting on the bench since Tuesday. He's working with some of the veterans in BP, there's no reports of an injury nagging him, and he's simply been on the bench.

For being the $82MM future face of the franchise, he should be in the lineup a little more often. Chourio's going to struggle this year, it's not unexpected, but getting at-bats and experience is how he's going to get out of it and learn from it.

If Chourio isn't going to be getting ABs just about everyday in the majors right now, a demotion to Triple-A where he can play everyday would make some sense. The Brewers likely don't want to do that, which makes putting Chourio out there to get his ABs all the more crucial.