2 Brewers players who should have their contract extension talks paused & 1 that should intensify

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff
Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff / John Fisher/GettyImages
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The Milwaukee Brewers are in a bit of pickle when it comes to signing some of their top players to long-term extensions.

With so much money tied up former MVP Christian Yelich, there just isn't enough to go around. Yet, if the Brewers want to remain relevant beyond this season, the front office is going to have to commit to a few players beyond their arbitration window.

With that in mind, which two players who are line for a contract extension should have their negotiations paused, and which player should have his agent engage in some serious dialogue with the Brewers' management?

Brewers should pause contract negotiations with Brandon Woodruff.

This is sure to ruffle some feathers, and in no way is this a slight to Brandon Woodruff or what he brings to the Milwaukee Brewers organization. But, the Brewers are going to have to make a choice between Woodruff and Corbin Burnes. Sorry, but I'm taking the former Cy Young Award-winner.

Woodruff is currently on the IL with a shoulder injury. It won't require surgery, but Woodruff's absence from the team is expected to be lengthy. Woodruff has started just two games this season, but has looked very good in those two starts.

What Woodruff has done during his time in Milwaukee is undeniable. The right-hander owns an ERA barely over 3.00 and has 726 strikeouts, including back-to-back seasons in which he punched out over 190 batters.

According to The Athletic (subscription required), a fair price to pay for Woodruff's services over the long haul will look something like a six years and $130-million. An average annual value of just over $21-million is more than fair for both sides, but again, the Brewers will have to prioritize one of their star pitchers and it should be Corbin Burnes.