2 Brewers players who should have their contract extension talks paused & 1 that should intensify

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff
Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Brewers should pause contract negotiations with Willy Adames.

This one has less to do with the money, though that's always a factor, and more to do with performance. Willy Adames has been a terrific addition to the Milwaukee Brewers roster since he came over from the Tampa Bay Rays, but the team should pause any talk of a contract extension with their shortstop.

There's power in Adames' bat, that's undeniable. He also plays above-average defense at a premium position. Those two factors alone are going to work in his favor during contract negotiations. But his woeful batting average this season isn't going to help his case.

Adames is hitting worse than players like Jesse Winker and Luke Voit. In fact, Adames' numbers across the board are down. His slugging percentage is below .400, and while his walks are up, it's barely enough to keep his on-base percentage above .300. According to FanGraphs, Adames has a wRC+ of 91 after three staight seasons above 100.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a plethora of shortstop prospects down on the farm, and current second baseman Brice Turang has plenty of experience at shortstop. Willy Adames could probably command an extension in excess of $100-million.

The Brewers shouldn't just write off the idea of inking Adames to a contract extension, but the shortstop is under team control through next season. If Adames rights the ship and some of the young prospects lose their luster, then perhaps the Milwaukee brass could re-engage in contract talks during the offseason.