2 Brewers trade rumors we hope are true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

There are a lot of trade rumors swirling this time of year. Some would be great, some would make us cry.
Atlanta Braves v Milwaukee Brewers
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The trade deadline is just a few days away and the Milwaukee Brewers are in a good spot to be aggressive. They currently are 10 games above .500 and hold a half game lead in the National League Central. While they are in the middle of a tough series against the Braves and the Reds don't seem like they are going anywhere, Milwaukee is still in a prime position to compete for the division crown with a strong deadline push.

So far this trade season, Milwaukee has only made the move to acquire Carlos Santana from the Pirates to cover first base while Rowdy Tellez recovers from forearm and finger injuries. That certainly does not mean that the Brewers will be quiet at the trade deadline as the team clearly has their fingers in a lot of pots at the moment.

While more contenders are focusing on acquiring pitching at the deadline, Milwaukee needs offense. In an ideal world, guys like Tellez, Brian Anderson, and Jesse Winker will come off the IL sooner rather than later and contribute, but that is far from a certainty. Some bullpen depth would be great as well especially with Justin Wilson getting hurt again, but getting some offense remains the priority.

Here are two Brewers rumors we hope are true and one we hope isn't

Like every team, the Brewers have been connected to a number of players at the trade deadline. Some of that is just writers speculating wildly without any actual information while other rumors have kernels of truth to them. The goal here is to identify rumored trades that could realistically happen and giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down. In other words, of course it would be sweet if Milwaukee traded for Ronald Acuna Jr., but that isn't helpful information because there is zero chance that happens.

Let's take a look at the Brewers trade rumors that would be particularly good and bad.