2 Brewers trade rumors we hope are true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

There are a lot of trade rumors swirling this time of year. Some would be great, some would make us cry.

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Milwaukee trading Victor Caratini would be a mistake

With Milwaukee firmly in contention for a playoff spot, it is a little weird to make mention of a player they are rumored to potentially sell. However, that is exactly the case when it comes to backup catcher Victor Caratini.

While William Contreras is very clearly the main guy behind the plate now, Victor Caratini plays an important role for Milwaukee not only as Corbin Burnes' preferred catcher, but he also has played pretty well overall in 2023 as well with a .248/.338/.372 line in 148 plate appearances this season.

It is understandable why Milwaukee is at least exploring moving Caratini. He is a pending free agent who is making basically no money and could fetch a premium on a trade market that does not have much in the way of reliable catching. A move including Caratini would help fill roster holes elsewhere and Milwaukee still has Contreras after all.

However, moving Caratini in the middle of a tight playoff race would be a mistake. Getting peak performance out of Corbin Burnes down the stretch is going to be critical and for whatever reason, the Burnes/Caratini has been much better than when Contreras is behind the plate.

Moreover, Caratini is the type of backup catcher that will help Contreras grow into his role as the team's primary catcher over the course of the season. Victor has been around long enough to help Contreras learn more and more about the Milwaukee pitching staff in addition to being a reliable backup that can give Contreras plenty of rest towards the end of the season. It would stink to lose Caratini at the end of the season and get nothing, but messing with what is working now would be worse.

The Brewers pulling off a trade for Eloy Jimenez is exactly the kind of move they need to make

Now we are talking. The problem with the Brewers' team-building philosophy is that it makes it very hard for them to bring in actual stars. Sure, the Christian Yelich trade happened because the Marlins' front office was incompetent and no one knows why the Brewers ended up with Contreras in that three team deal (thanks Oakland!), but those are outliers.

As a result, Milwaukee either has to develop their own players and hope they turn into stars or go with a "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" team philosophy. However, one big name at the trade deadline that the Brewers have been definitively connected to is Eloy Jimenez.

Jimenez's upside is undeniable. He possesses insane raw power and is consistently an above average or better hitter when he is in the lineup His contact is also not too onerous at all as he is making $9.5 million this season, $13 million in 2024, and then has two club option years after that.

There are a couple problems with Jimenez, though. First are the injuries and he has had plenty of them. Over the last few years, Jimenez has dealt with injuries to his pec, knee, ankle, and hamstring and that doesn't include needing an appendectomy earlier this season. That is a lot of missed time.

Additionally, Jimenez would be pretty costly to acquire in trade. The White Sox are definitely open for business at the trade deadline as they have been wheeling and dealing the last few days, but they have avoiding messing with their core too much. If Chicago thinks they can realistically compete in 2024, moving Eloy could be a tough sell although Eloy's injury history may make the White Sox more willing to move on.

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