2 Brewers Who Should See An Expanded Role In 2023 And 1 Who Should Not

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Brewers player who should see a smaller role in 2023: Tyrone Taylor

I believe Tyrone Taylor is the obvious choice for a decreased role. He played in 120 games last season and didn't do a whole lot with that opportunity, hitting just .233 with a .286 OBP in 405 plate appearances. That is a significant amount of playing time, and it may be time to see his role decrease as the Brewers see an influx of youth come up from the minor leagues.

While there is a chance the Brewers could look to trade Taylor, he will probably not warrant a significant return. The most likely outcome is that he sticks around as a bench player, but he should not see nearly as much run as he did in 2022.

Christian Yelich isn't going anywhere, Garrett Mitchell will most likely hold down center field, and with talks of other prospects rumored to see some degree of playing time in 2023, there are too many bodies with not enough positions available for them to play.

Assuming newly acquired Jesse Winker is the primary designated hitter, by default Tyrone Taylor will be the lead candidate to see playing time decrease. Once those other prospects arrive, they will get the bulk of the opportunities as the Brewers will want to see what they can do and Taylor will be relegated to a lesser role.

It will be interesting to see how this roster shakes out, but it is an exciting time to be a Brewers fan. We could witness the future of the Milwaukee Brewers take the reins in 2023.

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