2 questions Brewers have already answered in 2024, 1 that still lingers

The Brewers have gone young this season and it's working out pretty well so far
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The Brewers entered the 2024 season with a bunch of question marks. The team had signed Rhys Hoskins to help boost the offense for a postseason run, but then turned around and traded away Cy Young winner Corbin Burnes.

It's a young team across the board, with a lot of unproven MLB talent. Questions naturally follow. Over time, those questions get answered as the games get played. As we sit nearly a third of the way through the season, a couple of those questions have already been answered, but others still linger.

Here's a look at which questions we have answers to, and which one still doesn't have an answer.

Question: Which of "The Freshmen" will take the step forward as a sophomore?

Answer: Brice Turang

In 2023, the Brewers produced a video series called "The Freshmen", following several of the Brewers top prospects as they got set to make their debuts and make their marks on the future of this franchise. Top 100 prospects like Garrett Mitchell, Sal Frelick, Joey Wiemer, Brice Turang, and Jackson Chourio were the focal points. Four of the five played in the majors in 2023.

The results across the board were mostly disappointing. Mitchell was productive until he tore his labrum in mid-April and missed most of the rest of the season. Frelick suffered a thumb injury the very same day and his debut was delayed. Wiemer and Turang stayed healthy, but struggled mightily in extended playing time.

But with all that talent in that group, surely year two in the majors would be more successful for at least a couple of them, and hopefully all of them. So which one has taken that step forward? It's unequivocally Brice Turang. He's taken more than just a step forward, he's taken a quantum leap forward, as manager Pat Murphy predicted in spring training.

Turang is hitting .301 with a 124 OPS+ and 19 stolen bases. He's yet to be caught on the basepaths. He's jumped up to the leadoff spot and thrived in the role. His OPS has jumped 200 points from last year to this year.

Frelick has been solid, but hasn't quite taken a step forward from last year, while Wiemer has seemingly taken a step back and Mitchell has yet to play this year due to injury. Turang's leap forward is the sparkplug of this Brewers offensive renaissance.