2 questions Brewers have already answered in 2024, 1 that still lingers

The Brewers have gone young this season and it's working out pretty well so far
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Question: Does the MVP version of Christian Yelich still exist?

Answer: Yes

Ever since signing his contract extension in 2020, Christian Yelich has struggled to find the MVP form that convinced the Brewers to sign him to that long-term contract. Injuries and poor performance led many to believe that we would never see the MVP version of Yelich ever again.

This year, the 32 year old Yelich has proven that belief wrong. Through 25 games, Yelich is hitting .323/.411/.570 with four doubles, two triples, and five homers. His .981 OPS is his highest since his 2019 season where he finished 2nd in NL MVP voting.

The return of hitting for both average and power for Yelich has made him a true threat in the heart of the Brewers lineup yet again. The lineup is longer and tougher for opposing pitchers and it just has a different feel when Yelich is in it now. When he comes up in big situations, the confidence that he'll come through is back.

While he did miss a couple weeks with a back injury, when he did return, Yelich did not struggle at the plate. He took a little more time with the back issue this time and the payoff has been there. While he hasn't gone on the home run spree like he did during his runs for MVP, his slugging percentage is nearing his 2018 MVP level. Yelich had a .598 slugging in 2018 and is sitting at .570 entering play on Sunday.

Yelich hasn't homered since returning from the IL, but he's hitting .315 with an .848 OPS in that time.

This kind of production from Yelich was the confirmation needed that he could still be the driving force of this Brewers lineup.