3 Brewers Players Who Have Been on Fire During the Team's Winning Streak

The Brewers look unstoppable and these players are a big reason why.

William Contreras, Milwaukee Brewers
William Contreras, Milwaukee Brewers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Nobody in the league is hotter than the Milwaukee Brewers right now. The Crew are currently riding a nine-game winning streak, the longest in the league at the moment, and just beat the rival Cubs on the road to stretch their NL Central lead over them to a season-high five games.

Of course, it takes a full team effort to go on the type of run that the Brewers are on right now and a lot of players have been performing at high levels lately. A few of them, however, have truly been on fire over the team's last nine games.

Here are three Brewers players who have been on fire during the team's nine-game winning streak.

#1 Brewers player who has been on fire: C William Contreras

Arguably the absolute hottest Milwaukee position player during their current winning streak has been catcher William Contreras. Brewers fans had high expectations after the team somehow snagged him in a three-team trade for virtually nothing and right now he's even exceeding that high bar.

Contreras is slashing an insane .387/.500/.742 over the team's last nine games and is leading the Crew in OBP, slugging, runs scored (11), strikeout rate (7.9%), wRC+ (230), and fWAR (0.8) over that time period. His wRC+ is also 7th best among all qualified MLB hitters and 4th best in the NL since the team's winning streak began.

#2 Brewers player who has been on fire: RHP Freddy Peralta

Some strong starting pitching has also been key during the Brewers' current winning streak and the leader of the pack in that regard has definitely been right-hander Freddy Peralta. While his entire month of August has been strong, he has truly given opposing batters fits in his two most recent starts.

In a combined 11 innings in his last two starts, Peralta has given up three runs on six hits and five walks with a whopping 20 strikeouts. That comes out to a 16.36 K/9 that leads all qualified MLB starters over the last 11 days.

#3 Brewers player who has been on fire: SS Willy Adames

While the aforementioned Contreras has provided consistent production even outside of his current hot streak, teammate Willy Adames has not. He did wake up a little bit going into the All-Star break, but has been largely inconsistent otherwise. And it just felt like if the Brewers were to finally go on a big run, it would likely require Adames to heat up once again.

Well, consider that wish granted because Adames is on a tear. He is slashing .405/.463/.676 with a 209 wRC+ during the team's winning streak and has the highest batting average, most homers (3), and most RBIs (11) of anyone on the team during the previous nine wins. His challenge, now, will be sustaining an even modest level of production going forward.

The Brewers take on the Cubs at Wrigley Field once again tonight, looking to extend their winning streak to double digits for just the eighth time in franchise history.