3 Brewers Players The Fans Have Already Lost Their Patience With

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Patience is a virtue, one that many sports fans don't have when it comes to their favorite teams. Brewers fans, especially on social media, are no different.

Once fans have decided they've lost patience with a player, it'll take quite the hot streak to change their mind. Every time the player strikes out or gives up a run, it only serves to further prove that fans and the team should not be any more patient with them.

Here are three players that Brewers fans have already started to lose patience with early on in the 2023 season.

#1: 1B/DH Luke Voit

It's been a slow start for Luke Voit. He played well in spring training, earning a roster spot after opting out and signing a big league contract with an option for next year. In his limited opportunities as the backup first baseman and DH, Voit has struggled.

Voit was supposed to be a big masher against left handed pitching but he's struggled tremendously in that area. He's hitting just .091 against lefties with one extra base hit and 20 strikeouts in 33 at-bats. That's a 60% strikeout rate against lefties. That's objectively bad. Especially considering that was his primary job on the team.

He's been much better against righties, hitting .343 in 41 plate appearances, albeit with no home runs yet. As a power hitter, the fact that he hasn't been able to hit a homer yet is frustrating. Combined, he's hitting a career worst .221/.284/.265 across the board and has a career-worst 5.4% BB rate.

Overall, Voit's strikeout rate sits at 36.5%, which is well above his career average of 28.8%. The Brewers knew coming in that Voit was going to strike out a bunch, but this is five percentage points higher than his previous career high.

To make matters worse, this is exactly the type of performance that the Brewers were trying to replace in Keston Hiura. Milwaukee outrighted Hiura off the 40 man after they finally lost patience with him because he struggled so much against lefties and struck out way too much. They moved on from him to go with Voit because Voit was supposed to be an improvement, but he hasn't been thus far. Meanwhile, Hiura stayed in the organization in Triple-A and has been lighting it up in Nashville this year.

Fans have been losing their patience with Voit and if he doesn't turn it around soon, the organization might lose patience with him too.