3 Brewers Players The Fans Have Already Lost Their Patience With

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#2: UTIL Mike Brosseau

Speaking of struggling to hit lefties, Mike Brosseau has been off to a poor start and fans are starting to lose patience with him. Brosseau has ten more ABs against lefties than righties this year but the same amount of hits between them. He's 6-for-32 (.188 average) against lefties this year and 6-for-22 (.273 average) against righties.

Last year, Brosseau was one of the few Brewers hitters who was solid against lefties but that hasn't been the case this year. With the injury to Luis Urias on Opening Day, Brosseau has been getting quite a bit of playing time this year. He had moved into the primary utility role after the free agent departure of Jace Peterson over the offseason.

Brosseau is hitting just .222/.276/.426 on the year. He has three home runs, and his power output has been a bright spot, but overall his offensive game has taken a step backward this year.

Defensively, Brosseau is versatile but he's not a particularly strong defender at any of the positions he's played. At third base, where he's spent most of his time, Brosseau has a -3 Outs Above Average. He's the 7th-worst defensive third baseman in baseball this season.

Brosseau has been overshadowed by Brian Anderson, who has the ability to play both third base and right field exceptionally well. Anderson is a Top 10 defensive third baseman in the league by OAA.

Now that Tyrone Taylor is back healthy, Anderson can play more at third base, pushing Brosseau to the bench. His role is back to a platoon bat against lefties and his struggles against lefties this year compounded with his defensive issues are causing some fans to lose patience.