3 Brewers players who won't survive on roster past MLB trade deadline

These players may see themselves replaced once reinforcements arrive
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2. 1B Jake Bauers

Jake Bauers has been struggling at the plate over the last few weeks. The short hot stretch that he was on in early May faded and now he's completely cooled off. Bauers is 8-for-his-last-52 with 20 strikeouts in that span and zero homers.

The Brewers have a lack of proven better options though for his role. Owen Miller hasn't been any better in his MLB stints this year and Andruw Monasterio has very limited first base experience. Tyler Black is a big time prospect who got some run early this season, but would the Brewers want to call him up just to take Bauers' limited ABs?

They may be forced to at some point as Bauers continues to struggle. Rhys Hoskins has been slumping a little as well since his return from a hamstring injury, but his roster spot is secure and he'll be playing just about every single day.

On the season, Bauers is hitting .204 with a .667 OPS with five homers and 58 strikeouts.

When the trade deadline comes around, the Brewers could stand to upgrade their bench. Bringing in someone who can back up first base for Hoskins while also providing more production with the bat should be a priority. Whether that's a turn to Black or acquiring somebody else, Bauers is unlikely to survive past the deadline unless he turns things around at the plate soon.