3 difficult roster decisions the Brewers must address ASAP

Jun 24, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich (22) rounds
Jun 24, 2023; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich (22) rounds / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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As we head towards the All-Star break, the Milwaukee Brewers are in a heated battle at the top of the National League Central with the surging Reds. The Central is a pretty bad division this season so far, which is fortunate because things have gone far from smoothly for the Brewers so far this season.

Milwaukee has dealt with injuries to key players like Garrett Mitchell and Brandon Woodruff that have hurt them on both sides of the ball. Down seasons from guys expected to be stars this season like Willy Adames and Corbin Burnes haven't helped matters, either. All of that has added up to Milwaukee being in the bottom third in the league in both pitching and position player fWAR. Seriously, it is astonishing that the Brewers are above .500, let alone leading the division.

None of that really matters much if the Brewers can turn these trends around and take advantage of the opportunity in front of them right now. It will not be easy to hold off the Reds as Elly De La Cruz has given them a burst of energy and offense while the Cubs are still lurking and hovering around .500. However, if Milwaukee makes the right calls with their roster, it could go a long way towards bringing home a division title.

Here are the difficult roster decisions the Brewers need to make soon

It is easy to just gesture wildly at the roster and say "all of them need to be better", but it is more difficult to identify the areas where the team can improve the most that can also actually be fixed prior to the deadline. At the end of the day, the trade market and the minor leagues are going to dictate what moves can and cannot be made more than anything. That said, here are the moves the Brewers need to make.