3 Pending Free Agents The Brewers Need To Let Walk, 1 They Need To Keep

It'll be easy to let some of these guys go, but not all of them.
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Free Agent to let walk: 3B Brian Anderson

Honestly, the Brewers probably should just let Brian Anderson walk right now. The man hasn't been in the lineup since August 22nd. He was allowed into the game on Monday as a substitute only because the Brewers were already up by 11 runs. He's clearly not factoring into Craig Counsell's plans anywhere on the field.

Anderson was a big part of the Brewers lineup in the first half of the season. Then he suffered a poorly timed injury in early July. With Anderson out, the Brewers acquired two players at the Trade Deadline, Carlos Santana and Mark Canha, that shifted the roster math enough that when he returned from the IL just a few days later, there wasn't really a starting spot for him. Since he's come back, he played a handful of games that first week, but since then, crickets.

Based on Anderson's extreme lack of playing time, it's clear he's not in the Brewers plans not only for the rest of this year, but going forward. He had a good month or so in the beginning of the year, but he's fallen out of favor.

Overall, Anderson's numbers aren't great, but they aren't awful either. He's hitting .224/.309/.364 with nine homers. Those numbers are right around where they were in 2022 with the Marlins before he was non-tendered that offseason. The Brewers were hoping for a bounce back to his previous levels, hitting in the .250-.260 range with a .340-.350 OBP, but that hasn't happened and Craig Counsell clearly doesn't believe it's going to happen and has benched him.

The Brewers will be willing to let Brian Anderson walk, but with the way the last month has gone for him, Anderson might not be walking but running out of Milwaukee to a different organization.