3 players on the Brewers Opening Day roster who won't finish on it

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We're barely into the 2023 season, but baseball fans are always looking to the future. And when it comes to the future of the Milwaukee Brewers franchise, things are looking bright.

Youngsters like Bryce Turang, Garrett Mitchell, and Joey Wiemer have already made their presence felt. Brewers fans are hoping to see the likes of Sal Frelick and Robert Gasser make it The Show sometime later this season as well.

But with so many young prospects working their way up through the minor league system, one has to think that the 26 players who broke camp with the big league club will not be the same group who finishes the season. Which three players on the Brewers Opening Day roster who won't finish on it?

1. Brian Anderson will not finish the 2023 season on the Brewers roster.

Brian Anderson inked a one-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers during the offseason. There's every reason to believe that Anderson could be a solid contributor for this year's club, but his future is not going to be in Milwaukee.

All Brewers fans want to believe that with the starting rotation and firepower in the batters box, this year's team can contend for the NL Central crown. That may be true. But if the St. Louis Cardinals are running away with the division by the All-Star break, Matt Arnold is going to have some interesting decisions to make at the trade deadline.

Anderson adds depth to the infield and the outfield and can provide some pop in the backend of the Brewers lineup. But once the outfield contigent of Joey Wiemer, Sal Frelick, and Garrett Mitchell are all in the big leagues, there's just not going to be enough at-bats to go around.

If Milwaukee is in the playoff hunt, it feels like a safe bet to suggest that Brian Anderson will be part of the team. But being that he's a free agent after the season, Anderson could be the prototypical rental player at this year's trade deadline.