3 players on the Brewers Opening Day roster who won't finish on it

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2. Corbin Burnes will not finish the 2023 season on the Brewers roster.

No one wants to go here, but let's just rip the Band-Aid off, shall we? It seems incredibly unlikely, given what's gone on recently in terms of contract talks, that Corbin Burnes and the Milwaukee Brewers are going to come to terms on an extension. As much as it stings, this may be Burnes' final season in a Brewers uniform, and he could be gone before the trade deadline.

Again, as was mentioned with reference to Brian Anderson, if the Brewers are in the hunt for the postseason, they're not moving Burnes. He, along with Brandon Woodruff and Freddy Peralta, would likely be one of the biggest reasons Milwaukee is in the playoff race to begin with.

However, once the trade deadline approaches, Brewers fans had better brace themselves for the constant trade rumors involving Corbin Burnes. Much like Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas from a year ago, teams are interested in trading for top-flight pitchers who have more than one year of team control remaining.

Last year, both the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees had to give up a ton in order to land Castillo and Montas respectively. Can you imagine the haul that Milwaukee would receive if Corbin Burnes was on the trade block?

If Milwaukee has no intention of re-signing Burnes for the long haul, there will be no better time to shop the former Cy Young Award-winner. If the Milwaukee Brewers are atop the NL Central by the All-Star break, consider this argument null and void. If they're more than five games in the division or the Wild Card race, all bets are off.