3 trade packages that the Brewers could put together to acquire Garrett Crochet

Garrett Crochet is a rumored Brewers trade target. What could it take to get him at the Deadline?
Chicago White Sox v Milwaukee Brewers
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Trade Package #3: Garrett Crochet and Erick Fedde to the Brewers for 1B Tyler Black, 3B Brock Wilken, and RHP Bradley Blalock

The Brewers definitely need at least one starting pitcher at the Trade Deadline. The argument could be made that they need two of them. Why not get both of them in the same deal? The White Sox have a couple different starters that will be available and of interest to the Brewers. Erick Fedde is one of those arms that also is a logical trade target.

By packaging Crochet and Fedde together, the White Sox can massively improve the prospect package they get in return. In this proposal, they are able to snare both Tyler Black and Brock Wilken from the Brewers as the high upside position players they are seeking.

The Brewers may be hesitant at the idea of parting with both of their top corner infield prospects. Finding a long term solution at both first and third base has been a struggle for Milwaukee for years. Departing with their best long-term options to solve those positions would be a tough pill to swallow. But it would help get them two and a half years of an electric starter in Crochet and a very serviceable veteran in Fedde, who's under control for a year and a half. Fedde will make a modest $7.5MM salary in 2025.

Fedde's career year and extra year of control would help him warrant a sizable return and Crochet warrants a large return on his own. Together, it's going to cost any team to get them.

On top of those top position players on the move, Bradley Blalock is also included in this deal. He gives the White Sox a near-MLB starter that they could plug in very quickly and clears a 40 man roster spot for the incoming pitchers. The Brewers called Blalock up earlier this year but didn't get him into a game before sending him back to Double-A.

The Brewers can solve their rotation woes with this trade. While the hit to the corner infield depth will hurt, Wes Clarke, Mike Boeve, Luke Adams, and Eric Bitonti would remain in the organization that could take up the mantle of being the long-term answer at the corner infield spots.