3 young Brewers whose hot starts are sustainable past 2024

Advanced metrics back these players to have sustained success throughout their entire career
May 12, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Milwaukee Brewers third base Joey Ortiz (3) congratulates
May 12, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Milwaukee Brewers third base Joey Ortiz (3) congratulates / Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Brice Turang

Sometimes the value of giving someone at-bats can get overlooked and causes for unhappiness amongst a fan base. This is kind of how it felt last year with Brice Turang, but it has paid off big time in 2024.

Turang made some key adjustments at the plate over the offseason and they've shown through a quarter of the 2024 season. Turang eliminated his leg kick, along with choking up on the bat. This has helped him become quicker getting to the baseball and shortened his swing to one of the shortest in baseball according to new bat tracking data. Also, he has changed his approach, constantly attacking the opposite field, instead of trying to pull the ball for power.

The results have been mind numbing. Turang now finds himself in the 98th percentile for whiffs, and the 92nd percentile in strikeout percentage. One of Turang's biggest struggles in 2023 was the 4-Seam fastball, where he provided a -17 Run Value on that pitch. With the offseason swing adjustments, he now has a +4 Run Value in 2024 on the 4-Seamer.

These numbers show so much more about Turang, as he showed he's able to make major adjustments at the plate. Turang is batting .300/.361/.414 this season and his bat isn't even the strongest part of his game. Turang has swiped 34 straight bags without being thrown out. He is a perfect 16/16 when stealing bases this season, and his Base-running Value according to Savant is in the 86th percentile.

Not to mention, Turang is stellar defensively. Savant has him in the 88th percentile of Fielding Run Value and the plays he makes every day are a clinic to watch. In all likeliness, Turang could be looking at multiple Gold Gloves in his career.