4 Brewers who are playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans

The Milwaukee Brewers are going to have to make some tough roster choices going into 2024.

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Colin Rea

The Brewers have seemingly finally figured out what they want their starting rotation to look like the rest of the season now that Woodruff is back. When key guys get hurt, you have to make do with what you have and that includes having to start Colin Rea as much as they did in 2023. Rea is the definition of a roster filler type as he doesn't strike out a lot of guys, throws a decent number of strikes, and is pretty much a lock to post a high 4 or low 5 ERA each season.

For a bad team, Rea could have a role as a rotation arm that is a bridge to the future. However, the Brewers are contending right now and he struggled to keep Milwaukee in games in the first half of 2023. Milwaukee already recognized this as they optioned him to Triple-A when Woodruff came back, so no one should be surprised if Rea doesn't play again for the Brewers in the big leagues again unless the injury bug pops its head up.

Bryse Wilson

Relievers are tricky to project because things can change so dramatically year to year. A guy can be a lights out bullpen arm one year, and then go completely off the rails the next. It is just the nature of the beast. While Milwaukee's bullpen has been largely pretty good with Williams and Payamps leading the way, one guy that does sort of stand out as being decidedly meh is Bryse Wilson.

Wilson hasn't been terrible in 2023 as he has posted a 3.44 ERA in 38 appearances. The issue is just that he doesn't really feature much upside. Sure, he can pitch multiple innings, but there is not a shortage of relievers that can do that and Wilson's peripherals seem to be indicating that the Regression Monster could be coming for him. Every contending team, including the Brewers, will be looking to upgrade their bullpen going into next season and unfortunately for Bryse, his spot in the bullpen is probably the most likely one at stake this offseason.

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