4 Difficult Roster Decisions The Brewers Front Office Must Make Before The End Of June

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4. Activate Eric Lauer off IL and option Lauer to Triple-A

Let's face it, the results haven't been there for Eric Lauer this year. He struggled in the rotation, was pushed to the bullpen for one turn, then injury forced him back into the rotation. Shortly after that, Lauer got injured himself.

Lauer is set to be on a lengthier rehab assignment than Wade Miley or any of the other pitchers because he's not just looking to feel healthy, he's also looking for results, since he hasn't gotten much in the way of those this year. When Miley returns, the rotation will be Burnes-Miley-Peralta-Teheran-Houser/Rea. Can Eric Lauer crack that group? I'm not entirely sure he can.

Miley is going to push one of Rea or Houser out of the rotation, and Lauer may not be able to push the other out of the rotation. The Brewers would already have a lefty in that group with the return of Miley and wouldn't need a lefty as desperately when Lauer is ready to come back.

Lauer also has a minor league option remaining while Adrian Houser doesn't. That makes Houser likelier to stay up through his struggles while Lauer can continue to work in Triple-A beyond his rehab assignment until he proves he's ready for a big league rotation spot once again.

Considering how important Lauer has been and was expected to be for this club, the Brewers front office will be faced with the difficult decision to potentially activate and option Eric Lauer when the time comes.

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