4 ways the Milwaukee Brewers could screw up the trade deadline

The Milwaukee Brewers can't afford to screw up the trade deadline if they want a chance at a playoff spot in 2023.
Cincinnati Reds v Milwaukee Brewers
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If the Brewers don't add an outfielder at the deadline that can hit, its a mistake

Much has already been made about Milwaukee's lack of offense in 2023, but the problem is particularly acute when you look at the Brewers' outfield even with Christian Yelich's 127 wRC+ goosing the numbers in their favor. With Garrett Mitchell on the injured list after having shoulder surgery, the Brewers don't have an outfielder with a wRC+ over 90 which is decidedly not great.

Joey Wiemer is probably too valuable as a defender to replace, but there is room for an outfielder that can actually produce at the plate. Adam Duvall is probably the best option as a guy that has real upside at the plate, can actually defend, and is a rental so he shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. The Cardinals are likely to have some outfielders available, but the chances that they make a trade with a division rival seems pretty small unless it is VERY in their favor.

This is a tough trade deadline to need an offensive outfielder, but this is one area where the Brewers need to be aggressive. Otherwise, they probably won't be able to keep pace with the Reds in the second half.

Milwaukee failing to boost its offense at the trade deadline would be a failure

The outfield spot is where an upgrade is most needed, but the biggest takeaway is that the Brewers need some offensive production from somewhere. Scarcity may mean that getting an upgrade in the outfield doesn't happen, but failing to upgrade the offense at all would be a colossal misstep.

In an ideal world, Willy Adames remembers how to hit, but Milwaukee can't bet on that happening. If the Brewers decide to make upgrades at first base, DH, and/or second base, they should have some options. Dominic Smith hasn't hit for much power in recent years, but he has in the past and could be an interesting buy-low candidate.

The Nationals also have Joey Meneses who would be a great get, but he has a ton of team control which will jack up the price. Brent Rooker would be sweet as well and Oakland has shown a desire to trade anyone that isn't bolted down, but he has enough team control that that could be tough.