4 ways the Milwaukee Brewers could screw up the trade deadline

The Milwaukee Brewers can't afford to screw up the trade deadline if they want a chance at a playoff spot in 2023.
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The Brewers need to add a long-term solution at first base

Rowdy Tellez has been very disappointing the last two years for Milwaukee. It is fun when he goes on one of his patented heaters and hits a bunch of homers, but those streaks are few and far between. We already mentioned Dom Smith as a short-term stopgap who also plays the position reasonably well, but the Brewers need a long-term solution at first.

A stop-gap for 2023 makes some amount of sense, but a hybrid deal that is a mix of short-term and long term players may be the best way forward. It is kind of unfortunate that some of the best first base prospects are in the NL Central which makes them even more difficult to acquire, but the Rays, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Blue Jays all have first base prospects that the Brewers could try to work into a deal that would give them a long-term option.

The Brewers failing to add bullpen depth in this market would be a colossal missed opportunity

Finally, we come to the bullpen. While the top end of the Brewers' relief corps has performed admirably in 2023, but Milwaukee could use some more depth. Having a strong stable of bullpen arms is critical down the stretch especially with Brandon Woodruff theoretically coming back ($) relatively soon as he could be on an innings limit early on.

Fortunately, there are loads of options for the bullpen that should be available. Keynan Middleton and Chasen Schreve are interesting rental options while Kendall Graveman, Scott Barlow, Jason Foley, and Daniel Bard would be strong choices as well if the Brewers wanted someone with some extra team control attached.

In any case, bullpen upgrades are going to be plentiful at the deadline and if Milwaukee doesn't make an upgrade or two there, it will be a massive missed opportunity to upgrade the roster in a division race.

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