5 Brewers Manager Replacements If Craig Counsell Doesn't Return In 2024

If Counsell walks away, who could step in?
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Brewers managerial candidate #2: Mariners bullpen coach Stephen Vogt

I believe in Stephen Vogt! The former Brewers catcher has a big personality, is incredibly smart, and always felt like someone who would eventually become a big league manager someday.

Vogt recently retired and has gone into the coaching ranks, getting his start with the Seattle Mariners as their bullpen and quality control coach. While typically you don't go from being a bullpen coach to the manager's chair, Vogt isn't your typical coach and he doesn't need to move to being a bench coach before becoming a manager. Remember, Craig Counsell wasn't a coach at all from when he retired to when the Brewers installed him as the manager in 2015. He was a special assistant to the GM in the front office.

Stephen Vogt played in 10 big league seasons and he spent a lot of the 2017 season with the Brewers as an important veteran presence on a young team that found themselves in contention. His leadership helped that young core develop and it's that leadership that the Brewers could use if Counsell decides to walk away.

I get the feeling Vogt would be a "player's manager" where players just absolutely love playing for him. Counsell is the same way. Players love him. Vogt can relate to the players easily and even though he'd be a first time manager, things have worked out well with the last first time manager they hired, so it's a very possible avenue.