5 Brewers Manager Replacements If Craig Counsell Doesn't Return In 2024

If Counsell walks away, who could step in?
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Brewers managerial candidate #4: Braves Hitting Coach Kevin Seitzer

A coach with a connection to the Milwaukee Brewers is certainly going to be a positive factor in any potential managerial search. A coach with that connection plus a high level of success makes Kevin Seitzer someone very much worth talking to.

Being the hitting coach of the Atlanta Braves seems a nice gig right now, considering they have one of the most potent offenses we've seen since Murderers' Row a century ago. Kevin Seitzer has that Braves lineup humming like a well oiled machine. The Brewers would certainly love to have their lineup going like that and Seitzer may be the man to do it. Sure, personnel is a part of it and Seitzer is working with some gifted hitters down in Atlanta, but the wrong tutelage can ruin all that and the right tutelage can, well, you see the results they've put up.

Seitzer was a Brewers player from 1992-1996 with a stint in Oakland mixed in between, earning an All Star nod in 1995. He was a .300/.376/.422 hitter with the Crew.

Seitzer first became a hitting coach back in 2007 and has been with the Braves since 2015. He hasn't held any coaching position besides being a hitting coach, and maybe that's where he's best suited, but it's possible he could have the ambition to move up the ranks into the manager's chair.

If he does, the Brewers should absolutely give him a call if Counsell decides to walk away.