5 Brewers Manager Replacements If Craig Counsell Doesn't Return In 2024

If Counsell walks away, who could step in?

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Brewers managerial candidate #5: White Sox bench coach Charlie Montoyo

Things are rough on the south side of Chicago. Their team is a disappointment, the GM and team president were just fired, and this is all in manager Pedro Grifol's first year at the helm. For a manager, the GM that hired you getting fired is not good news for your job security.

The next GM of the White Sox is likely going to want to hire his own guy as manager, which means Grifol is out the door and the new guy will want his own staff, which means Charlie Montoyo and the rest are out the door. If I'm a White Sox coach, I'm updating my resume.

The Brewers, if they end up with an opening, could look to bring in the Sox bench coach, Charlie Montoyo. Montoyo has previous experience as a manager, managing the Toronto Blue Jays from 2019-2022. He was fired halfway through last season despite his team being above .500. He then latched on to the White Sox for this season.

If the Brewers end up wanting someone with prior managing experience, Montoyo is a very solid option they could go with. However, he did lose his job because his Blue Jays team seemed to be underachieving, despite their good record. They won 91 games in 2021.

Montoyo would be an outside hire but he has previous connections to the Brewers. Milwaukee drafted Montoyo in the 26th round in the 1986 Draft and then again took him in the 1987 Draft, but up in the 6th round. He then signed and played six seasons in the Brewers farm system, although he never made it to the big leagues in Milwaukee. He got a cup of coffee with the Montreal Expos in 1993, but that's it.

This is all hypothetical based on Craig Counsell potentially leaving his post, but considering he's going to take his decision down to the end of the season and wait out his contract, there appears to be a decent chance Counsell walks away. We could very well see a new Brewers manager in 2024, and these five coaches could be that guy.

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