5 Brewers Who Will Make The 2024 Opening Day Roster But Won't Last The Season

These players just likely won't make it the full year
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2. 1B Jake Bauers

The Brewers surprisingly sent out two prospects to acquire journeyman Jake Bauers, a career .211 hitter with a .663 OPS to help address the first base shortage. Rowdy Tellez was set to be non-tendered and Bauers was brought in to fill his spot for a much cheaper price.

That doesn't mean Bauers represents an upgrade. In 84 games last season, Bauers hit .202/.279/.413 with 12 homers and a 35% K rate and the Brewers are viewing that as a power breakout despite the concerning increase in strikeouts.

The 28 year old journeyman will now be on his fifth team in five MLB seasons in 2024 with the Brewers. He's currently slated to be the everyday option at first base for Milwaukee but that's likely to change as the Brewers are looking to bring in another first baseman.

As a bench platoon bat, a lot will ride on Bauers' home run power keeping him on the team and getting opportunities. His penchant for striking out is a major cause for concern in such limited chances that will likely come in clutch situations.

The odds are incredibly slim that Bauers makes it through the regular season on the big league roster. He hasn't been a productive bat at any point in his big league career, his strikeout rate is getting worse, and the Brewers have several young hitters they'll want to give opportunities to. Even if Bauers does see a lot of playing time because of a lack of other options at first base, it's difficult to envision Bauers being good enough to prevent the Brewers from seeking a first base addition at the trade deadline.

Bauers won't last the season in Milwaukee, and it's unlikely he lasts even until the All Star Break.