5 Brewers Who Will Make The 2024 Opening Day Roster But Won't Last The Season

These players just likely won't make it the full year
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3. INF Jahmai Jones

Jahmai Jones had an incredible moment in his Brewers debut, smacking a bases clearing three run double to instantly become a legend among the fanbase. Outside of that, Jones didn't do that much, earning just 11 plate appearances and spending most of the rest of the season in Triple-A. Jones was brought in as depth when injuries ravaged the infield.

There's plenty of opportunity in the Brewers infield right now and Jones is out of minor league options. As it stands right now, he's projected to earn an Opening Day roster spot. He can't be sent down and the Brewers haven't exactly added pieces to their infield yet this offseason, which leans things in his favor when it comes to setting the initial roster for the season.

However, that doesn't mean Jones is going to stay on the roster all season long. Jones had some prospect pedigree back in the day but that shine has clearly worn off and he's struggled to prove he belongs in the big leagues. The Brewers intend to compete and Jones is going to have to be more productive at the plate to stay on the roster. He can play several positions, which is nice, but his lack of flexibility with moving up and down from the minor leagues means he'll struggle to keep a 26 man roster spot all year.

No matter what happens with Jones in 2024, he'll forever be remembered by Brewers fans for that bases clearing double in his Brewers debut. But he'll need a couple more moments like that and need them consistently in order to stick around through the entire season.