5 Burning Questions Facing The Brewers Right Now

The Brewers enter an offseason full of question marks
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / John Fisher/GettyImages
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The Milwaukee Brewers are entering an offseason with a ton of question marks after yet another early exit from the postseason. The questions are bigger and more numerous than they were last year or in most offseasons past.

Last year, the big question was about Matt Arnold taking over as GM for David Stearns. That question has been answered pretty positively, but this year there's another question in leadership that faces the Brewers, among several others.

These five questions will surround the Milwaukee Brewers as the 2023-24 offseason begins.

Question #1: Will Craig Counsell return to manage the Milwaukee Brewers?

Craig Counsell chose to "play out" his contract and push off any talks of an extension and returning for the 2024 season and beyond until after the 2023 season finished. That has fueled plenty of speculation nationally about Counsell's future.

It was believed among many that Counsell wanted to step away from managing in order to watch his two sons play college baseball and spend time with his family. Reports have since circled about other teams wanting Counsell and other managerial openings have come up, leading Counsell's name to be connected. Some even have pushed for Counsell to follow David Stearns to the New York Mets.

Recent reports have seemed to indicate that Counsell does indeed plan on managing in 2024, and if that's the case, there's a very good chance that he sticks with the Milwaukee Brewers. GM Matt Arnold and owner Mark Attanasio are both in agreement that they want Counsell to return as manager. However, they will give him the space to make his decision as he's earned that right.

Still, as we sit here in mid-October, there's uncertainty with the manager's position. If Counsell ends up leaving, the Brewers will be late to the carousel of managerial candidates being interviewed. The whole coaching staff could get shaken up as well if Counsell leaves.

The Brewers are Counsell's hometown team and it's a destination job for him. If he wants to manage next year, it's difficult to see him with any other team besides Milwaukee. Yet until he puts pen to paper, anything can happen.

This is the most pressing question facing the Brewers and the one that will have an answer the quickest. Before free agency begins, we'll know if Counsell is coming back to the Brewers or not.