5 Former Brewers Players Milwaukee Can Still Reunite With In Free Agency

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There are several players that remain in free agency even as we turn the calendar to January. There's a good amount of those players that used to play for the Milwaukee Brewers and theoretically still could come back to the organization.

The Brewers likely aren't done with their offseason quite yet. They still have some holes to address and the rest of the roster to fill out. Perhaps they could fill it out with some players that they've previously had.

It certainly isn't a new concept for players to return to a previous team in free agency, even a couple of years after their departure. Lorenzo Cain, for example, was drafted by the Brewers, made his debut in Milwaukee, and was later traded to Kansas City. After several years with the Royals, he returned to Milwaukee as a free agent.

While none of these remaining players are in line to score a five year contract, they still could make a return to the place they once called home.

These 5 former Brewers players could come back to Milwaukee in free agency still this offseason.

1. Trevor Rosenthal

Calling Trevor Rosenthal a former Brewers "player" may be a bit of a stretch considering he never actually played for the team. The Brewers acquired Rosenthal at the Trade Deadline in 2022, sending away a solid outfield prospect in Tristan Peters to get him, even though he was injured at the time. He remained injured, hurting himself on a rehab assignment and missing the rest of the season.

It made sense to bring Rosenthal into the organization. It made sense to trade Tristan Peters for a reliever. It made no sense to trade Peters for an injured reliever in Rosenthal. It was a very dumb trade as it worked out.

But the Brewers can salvage that trade a bit if they sign back Trevor Rosenthal this offseason. They've liked him for a while and clearly paid a high price to get him even though he was hurt and going to become a free agent. Perhaps by acquiring him the Brewers will have a leg up to sign him this offseason.

When healthy, Rosenthal can be a very good reliever, and his velocity is as good as ever. But the problem is he hasn't been healthy for the last two seasons.

The Brewers can bring him back on a very cheap deal since he hasn't pitched in two years. If he's healthy, he can quickly become a solid high leverage relief option, which the Brewers could certainly use.

Milwaukee definitely should look to bring Rosenthal back, not only because he can help the team when he's healthy, but also because it'll make their Deadline trade for him look a little less dumb.