5 Highest Brewers payrolls of the Mark Attanasio era

What are the top payrolls Mark Attanasio has run as owner of the Brewers
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4. 2024

Opening Day payroll: $104,324,351
League rank: 22nd

End of year payroll: TBD
League rank: TBD

This year's team is running the 4th highest payroll in the Mark Attanasio era, which is also the 4th highest payroll in franchise history. The Brewers entered the season as contenders once again for the NL Central title and have proven themselves legitimate playoff threats through the early part of the year.

While the ultimate results of this year's squad are yet to be determined, this is an intentionally younger squad, with 12 players who made their first Opening Day roster. Still, there are some high salaried players here.

The highest paid players on the 2024 Brewers are Christian Yelich ($26MM), Willy Adames ($12.25MM), and Rhys Hoskins ($12MM). These three established veterans make up for approximately 48% of the Brewers total payroll.

Had the Brewers kept Corbin Burnes and his $15.6MM salary for this season, the top four players on the 26 man roster would've comprised approximately 55% of the payroll, provided no other personnel changes.