5 Milwaukee Brewers Players Who Won't Survive The Trade Deadline

These players may be out of a roster spot or starting job soon

May 7, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; Milwaukee Brewers designated hitter Jesse Winker (33)
May 7, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; Milwaukee Brewers designated hitter Jesse Winker (33) / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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Brewers who won't survive the Trade Deadline: OF Blake Perkins

By the time the end of August 1st comes around, Blake Perkins is likely to be out of a roster spot. The backup outfielder made his MLB debut this year and he's gotten a good amount of run despite not being one of the Crew's top outfield prospects.

The injuries to Garrett Mitchell and Sal Frelick contributed heavily to Perkins being called upon so much. Now, Frelick is healthy and should be up relatively soon, although he hasn't been lighting the world on fire since his return from injury. If the Brewers don't call upon Frelick, they'll likely look elsewhere for an immediate upgrade in right field.

As bad as the DH position has been this year with Winker, the production at the plate from right field has been nearly as bad. Perkins has been part of that, hitting just .216/.296/.318 with an OPS+ of 70.

The Brewers are likely to pursue offensive upgrades, either in the infield or the outfield. If they add to the infield, that's going to put Brian Anderson in right field more often to make the infield picture work, and that means Perkins won't be in the lineup since right field is the primary position he's been playing.

Even if the Brewers don't get external additions to the offense, which would be a mistake, Perkins is not going to be able to hold off Sal Frelick forever. Frelick is a first round pick and Perkins was a minor league free agent. Frelick is the future, Perkins simply isn't. It's only a matter of time until Frelick heats up and as soon as he does, he'll take Perkins' spot.

Even if Perkins starts improving at the plate, it's hard to see him surviving the Trade Deadline on this roster.