5 Reasons Why The Brewers Can Win The World Series In 2023

They're in the dance. Here's why they can be the last ones dancing.
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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The Milwaukee Brewers are officially heading to the playoffs for the fifth time in the last six seasons. They have ran away with the NL Central division and will be heading into October as NL Central champions.

At this point, just making the playoffs isn't good enough for the Brewers or fans. A World Series victory is what the ultimate goal here is. That's what the team is focused on, and that's what the fans are focused on. There's a lot of work left to do to get there and the Brewers will have a tough road, but they can get it done.

The question always is, can this team get it done? Can they win the World Series? The past few years, the answer has turned out to be no. Only one team is able to win it each year. Here's why this year could be the Brewers' year to win it all.

Reason #1: Anything can happen in October

One of the beautiful and stressful things about playoff baseball is that anything can happen. Sometimes the best team wins, sometimes they don't. These are short series and any number of crazy things can happen in these games. While pessimists can see that as anything can go wrong for the Brewers, there's just as equal a chance of things going right.

The fact that anything can happen in October is a truism in baseball that the Milwaukee Brewers understand. It's partly why the Brewers employed the "bites at the apple" strategy under David Stearns to get themselves into the playoffs. If you get there often enough and have good teams, eventually you're going to get the breaks to go your way and give yourself a great chance to win a World Series.

Yes, it's difficult for small market teams to take on the large markets with large payrolls over the course of a 162 game season. But in a short series of three or five games, or even a seven game series, anything can happen. Getting hot at the right time, having a lucky break in one or two games can swing the series in your direction. Payroll goes out the window in October.

The Brewers took the Dodgers to seven games in the 2018 NLCS and if they just got one or two more balls to bounce their way or one ball to not go in the glove of Chris Taylor (sorry for bringing that back up), they would've been in the World Series. A ball didn't bounce their way in 2019 and that bounced them.

Anything can happen and as much as that's a reason why they might not win it all, it's also why they could win it all. But that's not the only factor at play here.