5 Reasons Why The Brewers Can Win The World Series In 2023

They're in the dance. Here's why they can be the last ones dancing.
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Reason #2: The starting rotation has the best trio of any team in the playoffs

The way the starting rotation is currently lining up for the Wild Card round has Corbin Burnes in Game 1, Brandon Woodruff in Game 2, and Freddy Peralta for a potential Game 3. That's a fearsome trio that gives Milwaukee a very good chance to win each of those games. The way the three of them have been pitching of late makes them look very unhittable. For Burnes he literally was unhittable against the Yankees for eight innings.

Brandon Woodruff has a sub-2.00 ERA since returning from an early season shoulder injury, Peralta has a 1.96 ERA over his last 10 starts and opponents have just a .461 OPS against him in that stretch. Corbin Burnes has looked more like the Cy Young version of himself in the second half. In the playoffs you really only need three or four starters and the Brewers have the best trio of starters of any team playing in October.

These guys are going to give the Brewers a very good chance to win every single game they're pitching in. In 2018, the Brewers had these three guys in the bullpen since they were so young and they had to get creative with the rotation. There doesn't need to be any of those games here as all three are now established ace-level arms.

Woodruff missing four months with an injury that they nursed slowly appears to have him completely fresh heading into October. He's only nearing a typical mid-season innings mark and that's good news. Even if Craig Counsell needs a fourth starter for a series, Wade Miley has turned back the clock this year and been a reliable veteran once again and Adrian Houser is pitching well.

Still, they'll lean on Burnes, Woodruff, and Peralta and that's as good a trio you'll see on one team this October. You could put those three in any order to lead off a series and you won't find any complaints. All three would be deserving of a Game 1 start.