6 Position battles that are up for grabs at 2024 Brewers spring training

Plenty of camp battles will be happening for the Brewers 2024 Opening Day roster

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4. Backup catcher

Contenders: Eric Haase, Gary Sanchez, Jeferson Quero

This may be one of the more interesting camp battles, especially considering it wasn't long ago that this wasn't going to be much of a battle at all. William Contreras is the starting catcher, that much is certain, but the backup job was made vacant after Victor Caratini left in free agency.

The Brewers signed veteran Eric Haase to a major league deal back in December and he appeared set to be the backup to Contreras. Prospect Jeferson Quero still hasn't played an inning of Triple-A ball and even though he's on the 40 man roster, he's likely to spend most of the season in the minors to continue developing.

Then, not long ago, the Brewers pounced on Gary Sanchez, reportedly signing him to a one year, $7MM contract. The deal hasn't been finalized yet and Sanchez is not in camp but he's expected to join the team once it becomes final. What the hold up is has not been made clear.

Once Sanchez is officially added, the backup catcher spot appears to be in flux. Sanchez can play regularly and spend time at DH. Do the Brewers want to have their sole backup catcher in the lineup at DH most days? If something happens to him or Contreras, the Brewers could be left without a DH or a backup. Could Milwaukee carry three catchers with Contreras, Sanchez, and Haase? For how long?

How much will Sanchez end up catching? That may be the ultimate decision point. Based on his salary, Sanchez is going to make this roster over Haase with all things else even. If the plan is for Sanchez to only catch in emergencies and primarily DH, then Haase will end up being the backup catcher.

Both Sanchez and Haase are veterans on major league deals with no minor league options. Carrying three catchers, even if Sanchez spends a lot of time at DH, isn't a roster recipe that works for very long.