8 Teams Who Would Be A Perfect Match As Potential Brewers Trade Partners

The Brewers are primed to make some more trades pretty soon but they need a partner
Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers
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Baltimore Orioles

Needs: Pitching
Assets: Young infield depth, prospects

The Orioles are scouring the market for a top of the rotation arm. The Brewers have one in Corbin Burnes and they're at the very least open to hearing offers for Burnes' final year of arbitration. Could a trade come together?

These two teams have long looked like a fit on paper to match up for a trade, but that's really mostly just because of Burnes. Baltimore doesn't need any of Milwaukee's young outfielders and they already have a strong farm system.

If the Brewers are willing to trade Burnes, the Orioles have several assets that will be of interest to Milwaukee. Corner infield prospect Coby Mayo is atop the list. He's put up big numbers in the upper minors, he's big league ready, and there isn't a job for him in Baltimore. Third base is occupied by reigning AL Rookie of the Year Gunnar Henderson and first base is taken by Ryan O'Hearn.

As such, it would make sense for the Orioles to trade Mayo to fill other needs on their roster, namely the top of the rotation arm they desperately need. Mayo could immediately slot in for the Brewers at either third base or first base and give the lineup the boost it needs.

There's also a depth of prospects from Baltimore that could fill out a trade package for Burnes. Cade Povich is one of their top pitching prospects that's close to the big leagues. There's no shortage of talent in the Orioles organization for the Brewers to pull from to make a Burnes trade happen. Baltimore has the pieces, but are they willing to part with them? Are the Brewers willing to part with Burnes this offseason as well as Woodruff?

If anything happens on this front, Baltimore will have to strike out on all the other top of the rotation options available this winter, leaving them with Burnes as their only chance for an upgrade, and only then would they be willing to part with the pieces necessary to pry Burnes away from Milwaukee.