8 Teams Who Would Be A Perfect Match As Potential Brewers Trade Partners

The Brewers are primed to make some more trades pretty soon but they need a partner
Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers
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San Francisco Giants

Needs: Prospect depth, starting pitching
Assets: Backup catcher, corner infield, bullpen

The Brewers are in need of a backup catcher and the Giants may be a good place to look. They have two first round picks on the roster in Patrick Bailey and Joey Bart. They also have Rule 5 pick Blake Sabol on the 40 man.

Bailey has overtaken Bart, who was the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 Draft. He's struggled at the plate in his career and may be in need of a change of scenery. The Brewers could be that place for him to go in exchange for some prospect depth. The Brewers aren't going to be shipping any of their major league talent away for a backup catcher like Bart, but they can part with a prospect or two to grab Bart if they so choose.

In other areas, the Brewers do need corner infield help, although it's unclear if the Giants are willing to part with players from their starting lineup. Wilmer Flores and J.D. Davis would surely be of interest to Milwaukee if the Giants made them available. Either one could help address Milwaukee's first base or even third base problem. The Brewers liked Flores way back in 2015 to almost trade for him in that ill-fated Carlos Gomez trade. Maybe they could finally get him for 2024.

On the pitching side, Ross Stripling or Anthony DeSclafani could also potentially be available and of interest to the Brewers if the Giants eat some cash. The Brewers need innings and those two could provide some out of the rotation. Their bullpen was also strong in 2023 and arms like Tristan Beck or Ryan Walker could be of interest.

The Giants don't need outfielders and none of what they have to offer is really worth a starter like Corbin Burnes. The Brewers can offer prospects and close to MLB ones if the Giants prefer that. The assets the Giants have outside of Flores and Davis don't exactly call for elite prospects, so the Brewers wouldn't be parting with much.