Bleacher Report's unhinged trade proposal would be terrible for Brewers

This trade idea makes no sense for the Brewers to make
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

It's Trade Deadline season which means it's also time for Internet trade proposal ideas. Sometimes these proposals are pretty good while other times, they are straight up insane. This is one of those latter instances.

Bleacher Report published their "Outrageous trade ideas" and to their credit, they did deliver on the outrageousness of their trade ideas.

In their proposal involving the Brewers, they concocted a three team trade between Milwaukee, the New York Yankees, and the Chicago White Sox.

Bleacher Report's proposed trade idea

Chicago White Sox Receive: OF Jasson Domínguez (NYY No. 1 prospect), C Jeferson Quero (MIL No. 2 prospect), IF Tyler Black (MIL No. 3 prospect), RHP Chase Hampton (NYY No. 4 prospect), SS Cooper Pratt (MIL No. 9 prospect), LHP Brock Selvidge (NYY No. 10 prospect)

New York Yankees Receive: OF Luis Robert Jr. (from CHW), LHP Hoby Milner (from MIL)

Milwaukee Brewers Receive: LHP Garrett Crochet (from CHW), OF Alex Verdugo (from NYY)

There's a lot here but the essence of it is the White Sox are trading away their two biggest trade chips in Garrett Crochet and Luis Robert in the same deal, resulting in a massive prospect package. SInce the same team won't be able to pay for both, a three team deal is needed to facilitate.

Let's break this down though from the Brewers perspective.

The Brewers would be giving up a highly valuable big league bullpen piece in Hoby Milner, who's even more crucial now following the injury to Jared Koenig. They'd also be surrendering three of their top 10 prospects in Jeferson Quero, Tyler Black, and Cooper Pratt. This is all in exchange for Garrett Crochet and Alex Verdugo.

Crochet has been a much talked about Brewers trade target, but Alex Verdugo just seemed like he was thrown to Milwaukee so the Yankees could get Robert with no consideration for the Brewers roster construction. The Brewers have a crowded outfield as it is with Christian Yelich, Jackson Chourio, Sal Frelick, and Blake Perkins. Garrett Mitchell is coming back soon as well and that makes playing time even more difficult to find.

Adding Verdugo, who's hitting .247/.306/.398 with nine homers this year doesn't make any sense for the Brewers. He's another left handed hitting outfielder, too. Verdugo, Mitchell, Frelick, and Yelich all are lefty hitters while Perkins is a switch hitter. Verdugo is redundant and not really even an improvement over what the Brewers currently have.

Crochet is already starting to see his innings limited by the White Sox in an effort to keep him healthy. This is the first time he's gotten an extended run as a starter in the big leagues. The Brewers giving up so much capital to get an innings-limited starter with a checkered health history doesn't seem too likely.

The Brewers would be giving up two current big league contributors plus two of their best young hitting prospects for an outfielder they don't need and a pitcher that has a ton of question marks. This would be a terrible trade for Milwaukee to make.