Brewers: 2 New Players Join Top 30 Prospects List at MLB Pipeline

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With how many rookies the Brewers decided to roll with to start the 2023 season, we were (barring injury) bound to see some quick graduations from the top prospects lists. Sure enough, that was exactly the case.

2018 first rounder Brice Turang and 2020 fourth rounder Joey Wiemer have been on Milwaukee's roster since the Opening Day and the game after, respectively. Over at MLB Pipeline, that has resulted in each of them graduating from their top 30 Brewers prospects lists.

And of course whenever a prospect graduates from the list, a new one must be added, which is what happened earlier this week. So let's take a look at which players are now MLB Pipeline's No. 29 and No. 30 ranked prospects in the Milwaukee system.

Here are the two newest players on MLB Pipeline's top 30 Brewers prospects list.

No. 29 Brewers prospect - SS Kevin Ereu

In recent years, the Brewers have done a lot of work signing high potential players in the international signing class each winter. Last January was no exception as Milwaukee signed three players, among their other signings, ranked in top 35 of MLB Pipeline's top international prospects list.

One of them, outfielder Yophery Rodriguez, already sits among Pipeline's top 30 Brewers prospects at No. 27. He is now joined by a couple of his classmates, the first being shortstop Kevin Ereu at No. 29.

Ereu was ranked No. 35 by Pipeline in last winter's signing class and comes from Venezuela, an area in which Milwaukee has sourced much of its young talent in recent years. Pipeline sees him as a well-rounded player, giving him 50 grades almost across the board with the only exception being fielding in which he received a 55. Per their scouting report:

"Despite standing just 5-foot-10, he already exhibits decent power to all fields as a right-handed hitter, and his knowledge of the strike zone should help him tap into that at the pro level in time. Despite having roughly average speed, Ereu also plays with plenty of energy and athleticism at shortstop, and he has enough arm to play the position well."

MLB Pipeline

No. 30 Brewers prospect - SS Filippo Di Turi

Ereu was added to the top 30 Brewers prospects list as a result of Turang graduating. Then a few days later when Wiemer graduated, Ereu jumped up a spot and his classmate, shortstop Filippo Di Turi became a top 30 prospect as well.

Di Turi, who also hails from Venezuela, was the No. 33 prospect in the most recent international signing class. He also gives the Brewers a whopping seven primary shortstops in their top 30, joining Ereu, Freddy Zamora, Eduardo Garcia, Dylan O'Rae, Daniel Guilarte, and Eric Brown Jr.

Di Turi grades a little lower than Ereu in power at a 45 but grades well in the field with 55 grades in fielding and arm to go with his 50 grades in hitting and speed. He also has the added benefit of being a switch hitter. Here's what MLB Pipeline has to say about his hitting:

"A switch-hitter, Di Turi exhibits a smooth and mechanically sound swing from both sides of the plate, giving Milwaukee evaluators the belief that his hitting skills can take off at the pro level under the guidance of the organization’s instructors. The power he has plays to all fields, and while more could be coming as he fills out his 5-foot-11, 165-pound frame, it might still settle in a little below average in the end."

MLB Pipeline

Di Turi is still just 17 years old while Ereu actually won't turn 17 until next month, so it'll be a little bit before Brewers fans get to see the two in the minors. When they do, it'll be fun to see whether Milwaukee struck gold on the international market once again.

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