Brewers: 2 Players Who We Should Be Patient With, 1 Who We Shouldn't

Jesse Winker, Milwaukee Brewers
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Brewers 2B/3B Luis Urias deserves a little patience

Brewers fans had one big question surrounding infielder Luis Urias coming into this season. Will he look closer to the 2021 version or the 2022 version?

Granted, the two seasons actually looked relatively similar on the surface. After slashing .249/.345/.445 in what was considered his breakout 2021 season, his line of .239/.335/.404 in 2022 wasn't all that different.

What did change was the cumulative stats. After tallying 23 homers, 75 RBI, 77 runs, and 25 doubles in 2021, those numbers dropped to 16, 47, 54, and 17 the following season. That said, injuries also resulted in his games played going from 150 to 119 as well.

Unfortunately for Urias, injuries were the story once again here in 2023. Right toward the end of the Brewers' Opening Day matchup against the Cubs in Chicago, he hurt his hamstring trying to leg out a single and was on the IL the next day. It wasn't until earlier this month that he returned to the team.

And that is exactly why Urias deserves a little patience. While the numbers aren't pretty (6-for-41, 2 2B, 1 HR, 13 Ks), he has played in all of 14 games so far this season. Plenty of players have a slow couple weeks to a season before they turn things around.

With the Brewers having (hopefully just temporarily) lost their grip on the NL Central lead, some players do need to step up and get the offense going again to get that lead back. But with Urias, let's just be a little patient and see what happens once he has more games under his belt.